Omas Extra Vs Wahl Doric!

How Wahl Doric inspired Omas Extra and Extra Lucens,  just my 2 cents,

from FPN Forum 2009


Not a pool, not necessary find a winner,
just I’m showing two examples in same size and same plastic
to make easier comparison,

Now my thoughts:

OMAS Extra,
better shape
better cap band

WAHL Doric,
better clip
better nib

I like them both (great pens).

Reading on official literature,
Doric was launched on 1931, the first faceted celluloid pen
(after Aurora Novum of course 1930) Omas Extra in 1932 a year later,
The small AS on caps was introduced from 1938 for Extra Lucens models only,
Doric restyling started about in 1936 if well remember,
EXL modes made two years later were very similar to Doric second series,
as happened for Extra and Doric first series.

So, Wahl came first, but Omas did it better