Aurora International, The Perfect Mix

Another short article about Aurora International, my preferred vintage fountain pen ever,

always from FPN Forum posted in 2009


I love Aurora International,
looks like to be an intentional mix of two of most stunning pens of golden era,
results not bad al all for me.

Why International?
Because was created for International markets.

Model was launched for 1930’S Christmas in France,
some ADs can be found on the magazine L’illustration francaise,
Aurora pens sold with Edacoto pencils, this set was called Le Duo Moderne,
examples for french marked were marked AurorA Systeme Bte SGDG on barrel
and fitted with 18K gold nibs.

For english and german market, usual 14K nib but imprint was Aurora Fountain Pen

Six colors available for international markets,
(other colors were added for italian market)
black ‘N pearl,
green gold yellow
blue gold yellow
lapis blue
blue gray black
jet black

Four sizes available,
25, Lady with clip or ringtop
30, Junior
45 Senior stub
50 Senior oversize

Two different deco bands were used

Bottom lever filling system,
the same that will became famous from 1931 to 1943 with Novum models

Some examples were found with Edacoto imprint, but lever filler, made for french market

That’s it for today.

thanks to everyone still reading my posts