AURORA 88 Boxes A Mystery Revealed…

Two words about vintage Aurora 88 boxes, from about 10 years ago published on FPM 17 feb 2009

No really mystery here, I wish just talk about Aluminum boxes of early Aurora 88 models

Firsts were in natural Al for Nickargenta caps after introducing GF caps, same box but with label showing the pen with GF cap.

Second series boxes were a bit longer, natural Al for Nika cap, BLUE for GF cap, RED for full GF pens.

Sets were sold in bigger tubes, Al, GOLDEN or PINK

Rarely pencils were sold without pens, but them have their own box same but shorter.

18K solid gold 88 were sold in RED tubes, with thick solid silver band,
and liner in blue velvet, when in normal 88 tubes there wasn’t liner.

A choice of 3 different nibs each in three flexibility was available,

size of nib in early models was not stamped on section as in 88K and 88P

(were nibs tips available become 17 but in only two flexibility, flex or firm)

but was created a code based on color circles and dots stamped on boxes and turning knobs to indicate them.